Mackbuilt Ported 6.1L Intake Manfold

We bring you the best ported intake manifold money can buy for your Gen3 Hemi build! We have personally track, street, and dyno tested this intake manifold on builds from mild to wild, versus nearly every competing manifold on the market, and the Mackbuilt manifold wins out every time! These intake manifolds are made from your 6.1 intake core. We have seen gains of 30+ whp in some cases, and have lots of reports of increased gas mileage on top of horsepower gains!

In the dyno picture above, we installed this manifold on a stock motor 6.1L 300C for testing. The test was done back to back, same day. Stock intake pull was done first, then the intake was swapped right there on the dyno immediately after. The Mackbuilt intake was tested immediately upon install, with the only tuning changes being fuel correction to maintain proper air/fuel ratio with the added airflow of the upgraded intake manifold. Notice the midrange gain of 25whp!

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