Converting your 1G MT to AT

Step 1: Gather parts

To convert from MT to AT, you'll need the following parts, plus or minus a few depending how you do your personal configuration.

Part Part #
1G Automatic Transmission  
1G torque converter  
Automatic Transfer case  
Shifter assembly for automatic transmission  
Shifter cable for auto shifter assembly  
Front motor mount block side bracket MD152506 (AWD 1G Turbo)
Rear motor mount block side bracket MD143793 (AWD 1G Turbo)
Transmission mount, frame side  
Transmission mount, trans side  
Ttransmission Control Unit (TCU)  
Crank Bushing MD732972 (6 bolt)
Spacer plate x2 MD952138 (6 bolt)
Bell housing dust cover for AT MD195138
Torque converter bolts  
Flex plate bolts  
Flex plate MD735674 (6 bolt)
Rear differential from Auto car (if AWD)  
Starter plate for AT  
Auto engine harness or all connectors for both TCU and trans sides  

More coming soon.....