DSM TCU (Transmission Control Unit)  EPROM Upgrades

Adjust Shift points for your shifts, as well as firm up the shifts, up to full line pressure where needed. Dual Shift tables via power/eco switch optional for 1Gs. Both maps can be modified. For 2G TCUs, there is only one mode by default, however by modifying the circuit board we are able to add the second switched mode. This is switched via an external switch setup that can either be DIY or ordered as a PNP modification. Because board modification is needed for the 2G TCU, a second mode will carry additional cost. On either 1G or 2G, a manual mode may replace one of the shift modes. The manual mode will turn L-2-D into 1-2-3 with the OD button still engaging OD as normal. This allows the comfort of the TCU line pressure control with the manual shifting as needed for tuning or other reasons.

Prices for TCU chip include shipping. Be sure to e-mail information for your TCU, vehicle, and desired calibration to us at time of purchase.

TCU Chip