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Record breaking performance with 15+ Years Tuning Experience, 15+ years Mitsubishi experience & the most knowledgable and experienced LX/Hemi Platform Tuner in the Industry for 10+ years. Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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We specialize in EFI systems tuning. Our in-house All-Wheel-Drive Dynomometer allows us to tune ANY RWD, AWD, 4WD, or FWD car on the planet. With advanced differential load balancing and belt linkage system, there is no car we can't dyno! Our primary roots are Mitsubishi and Mopar/Chrysler/SRT (From modern Hemi to Viper to SRT4) tuning, however we specialize in and regularly tune GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, and all other makes and models as well. Our customers have vehicles ranging from 7 second drag cars to 1000+ horsepower daily driven street vehicles. We can tune everything from piggyback systems to full standalone systems and flash systems, including but not limited to AEM EMS, Diablosport CMR, ECMlink/DSMlink, ECUFlash, HPtuners and more. Please inquire about your vehicle if you're not sure what you need, have, or if we can do it. We can help you.

Also Available: Parts installation, general troubleshooting, and Mitsubishi transmission service, as well as Mitsubishi ECU/TCU socketing and chipping services are available as well. Consultations for help planning out your race car build, or sorting out a build in progress are welcome as well. Contact for more information