Just a couple examples of our work...

Dave's 1990 & 1991 Eagle Talons

Donnie's Turbo Camaro

Stroker motor, turbo, TH400 trans (non lockup), HPTuners tuned

790whp, low boost & 93 pump gas

John Shepherd's (ShepTrans) SRT-8 Jeep

426 Hemi, CMR Tuned

Hubert's C6 Vette

Vortech Supercharged, stroker motor, tuned with HPtuners

SRT-8 Challenger Twin Turbo

PWR 426 Stroker, 61mm Twin Turbo Kit


SRT-8 300C Twin Turbo

392ci motor, 62mm Twin Turbo kit

895whp pump gas, 1080whp race gas

SRT-8 Jeep Single Turbo

PWR 426ci, 88mm Single turbo kit

954whp pump gas, 1130whp race gas

Peter's Evo 8

Tracy's 1993 Talon TSI

11 second daily driven AWD Automatic, full weight

Cody's 91 Talon TSI

Don's Magnum

Brandon's 98 Eclipse GSX

Stock bottom end, putting 600+ whp to the tire since 2006!

Erik's 1989 Eagle Summit

Not quite like the one your grandma had

Ronnie's 1989 Dodge Colt

more than meets the eye

Ronnie's 1991 Eagle Talon