What some customers had to say:

Dave has been working on and tuning DSM/Mitsubishis for over 8 years, and the "New Hemis" since they came out. Over time he has become one of the top EFI tuners and Mitsubishi specialists in the region. Excellent customer service, fair pricing, and top of the line results, has netted him high respects and great reputation among the area's performance tuning world. However, Mitsubishis may be the number one specialty, but that is certainly not the limit! Dave has branched out over the years to tuning almost all makes and models, including the "New Hemi", which is a recent new specialty of his. Dave was THE FIRST tuner to successfully tune the LX platform vehicles with the Diable CMR software, netting results so superior to the competition, that customers were traveling from all parts of the country for tuning! His jumpstart into the Hemi tuning market set the industry standard for Hemi tuning, paving the way for other Hemi tuners to follow. Many record holding and competition winning LX cars since the CMR release have been tuned by him. Many well known vendors and tuners consult Dave on a regular basis, he is one of the Hemi world's top "go to" people for serious tuning help when needed. Other specific tuning specialties include DSMlink, ECUflash, DSM EPROM chips, and AEM EMS. He is highly regarded as one of the regions' top AEM tuners as well.

"They are top notch and totally dedicated to getting these cars tuned! There attention to detail is superb to say the least. The car pulls harder than ever before, the new found HP and TQ in the mid range is unbelievable. There is no hesitation from sitting freely in the seat, slamming the accelerator, and then being pinned in the seat. Definitely well worth the coin they are asking! I knew with the specs of my cam, the car would be unbelievable, but tuning was the key factor in getting her to wake up"

"Dave came down and tuned my car (Talon) the other weekend, well partially, and all I can say is, its amazing!!!! He fixed so many issues with my car by tuning it. Its no longer hard to start, it starts right up every time no matter how cold it is, it doesnt die at stop signs and lights, it pulls harder then it ever has (that has something to do with the turbo too) and its just all around better to drive. I have some things to fix like a vehicle speed sensor and the tuning will be complete."

"I should of done this so much sooner. dave was awesome to work with and I will be doing business with him in the future! Thanks Dave"

"Last Thurday, I left the "tundra" & headed to Fredricksburg, VA for the CMR Predator tune. W/the $295 I paid for the tuner & the $500 price of the dyno tune, I had a the better part of $800 invested not to mention a 9 1/2 hour 610 mile one way trip. The tune resulted in a 12.7 RWHP & 10#s RWTQ increase over the eccellent B&G flashed PCM I was running. One might look @ 12.7 HP increase for that kind of investment as not a very good ROI, but when you consider that my car's HP is already increased over stock by more than 100 HP, it became exponetially more difficult/expensive to gain every additional HP. You have to look @ the big picture. Usually adding more HP when the engine is already turned up as much as mine results in degrading drivability. In this case, that 12.7 RWHP came W/vastly improved drivabilty. If I had not gotten any increase in power I would still be tickled. The car is soo much more enjoyable to drive both from it's hugely better driving manners, but also it's SOTP improvenments in the transmission shift pionts under light throttle conditions along W/the better idle & vastly improved throttle response. Not to mention the boot in the a$$ it gives ya when you crush the "loud peddle". The improved transmission characteristics are particularly interesting due to the fact that I am running a Fast56K modified TCM that is hacked to run W/the 3.06 axle ratio in the R/T. That demonstrates that the Predator can comunicate very well W/the Fast56K TCM. All of the data logging was done W/the Fast56K TCM, then the stock OEM TCM was swapped for ALL flashes W/the predator. Then there is the invaluable peace of mind knowing that all of this increase in performance/drivability comes @ safe A/F ratios & spark timing. Some of the best, most enjoyable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This was a particularly challenging tune W/the transmission/axle ratio parameters. Dave is a master & so very meticulous in his work. He works until he has the A/F ratios as close to perfect as possible. If you are running cam/heads, this CMR tune is a must if you want maximum SAFE performance from your 5.7/6.1 Hemi. Kudos Dave for an outstanding job."

"Dave is the MAN. He has stayed up to ungodly hours numerous times tuning or diagnosing problems on my car so I could drive it home. He's even come to my house a couple times to fix stuff and it's a 25-30 min drive without traffic. Truly a good guy who knows what he's doing...even had my 2.3l with BC 280s idling perfectly in just a few minutes. I cannot thank this guy enough."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate Dave staying until past midnight last night to get my car tuned. Very professional and I had a good time BS'ing with you guys, even though it was cold as hell."

"I couldn't be happier with my tune. I'll take her to the track this weekend, do some logging and if any fine tuning is needed, which I doubt it will be, I'll forward you the logs for some adjustments to the tune.

They did a great job. "

"You guys have become a knight with shinning armor for a bunch of us. Kudos to you!!!! "

"My car is running great thanks to Brad at Rt 6 Motorsports, who installed all the goodies,(thanks Dave for giving up Hooters and staying late [for the tuning]), and PPP for some awesome parts. The hp and tq is sick."

"You are in good hands if he tunes your car, very maticulous. "

"So it will be the best $ you ever spend. My car is entirely different. Drivability is as good as when bone stock W/better performance even @ light throttle. This is the only way @ the present time to get the most out of your engine & know that the spark & A/F ratios are optimized."