With over 10 years of tuning and record breaking experience, from customer race cars running 8 second and faster 1/4 mile times to street cars making over 1200 horsepower to the wheels, we have your tuning needs covered! Our in-house All-Wheel-Drive Dynomometer allows us to tune ANY RWD, AWD, 4WD, or FWD car on the planet. With advanced differential load balancing and belt linkage system, there is no car we can't dyno! Our dyno is a load bearing dyno, capable of load testing and real-time load tuning.

Contact for further information or for appointment and pricing, as pricing is done on a case by case basis.

The Following tuning solutions are tunable by us, and more. If your application is not listed, contact us! Click your brand at the bottom for more information.

Tuning Services:

- HPtuners
- Holley EFI
- AEM EMS V1, V2, Infinity
- Haltech EMS
- Link / Vipec EMS
- Megasquirt
- ECUFlash
- Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Diablosport CMR full custom OBDII flash tuning
- Ford Diablosport CMR full custom OBDII flash tuning
- SCTflash
- Ford custom EPROM tuning all years
- GM OBDI/OBD1.5 custom EPROM tuning
- Mitsubishi custom EPROM tuning
- ECMlink/DSMLink (all versions)
- Hondata / Kpro / Flashpro
- Nistune
- UpRev
- and more!