We have a variety of tools to help get your Fuel Injected GM powered vehicle tuned. From OBDI custom chip tuning, to OBDII flash tuning, and standalone options, we have the solution for your project. Contact for further information or for appointment and pricing, as pricing is done on a case by case basis.

The Following tuning solutions are tunable by us, and more. If your application is not listed, contact us!

Tuning Services:

- HPtuners (OBDII Flash tuning)
- Dynamic Spectrum Tuner (early OBDII flash)
- OBDI GM ECU custom chip tuning
- Megasquirt
- and more!

Pricing for GM single tune at our main dyno location in Fredericksburg, Virginia:

Pricing includes dyno time.

Pricing does NOT include: First time use license fee for OBDII flash tuning (typically $100 for VIN license, may vary based on make/model), or any hardware required for first time set up on OBDI ECU custom chip tuning. Contact us for more details on VIN license or custom OS cost for OBDII or hardware cost for first time custom chip tuning.

Stock ECU chip/flash type GM V6/V8 Tuning:

$375 stock cam, stock displacement, bolt ons
$400 non-stock cam, all motor*
$425 Larger than stock displacement all motor*
$450 Stock motor boosted
$475 Upgraded heads and/or cam, boosted*
$500 larger than stock displacement boosted

speed density add $25
Nitrous on all motor add $50
Nitrous on boost add $100
additional "alternate" tunes add $100 each

$contact for standalone tuning

If you wish to have your car tuned at another location then inquire for alternate location travel pricing.

Dyno tuning pricing includes street tuning as needed and up to 3 hrs on the dyno. Additonal charges may apply beyond 3 hrs.

* = typical pricing however extreme head/cam packages requiring higher than average driveability tuning may require extra fees