With over 10 years of Mitsubishi tuning and record breaking experience, including customers running as fast as 8 second 1/4 mile times and making over 800 horsepower to the wheels, we have your Mitsubishi tuning needs covered!

Contact for further information or for appointment and pricing, as pricing is done on a case by case basis.

The Following tuning solutions are tunable by us, and more. If your application is not listed, contact us!

Mitsubishi Tuning Services:

- ECMlink/DSMLink (all versions)
- ECUFlash (including custom code versions)
- AEM EMS Version 1, Version 2, Infinity
- Haltech EMS (all versions)
- Link EMS / VIPEC
- Custom speed density EPROM conversion (1G DSM only - more info)
- Custom EPROM chips (1G DSM Only - more info)
- Megasquirt
- Greddy E-Manage (all versions)
- Apexi AFC (all versions)
- ECU+
- MAFT (all versions)
- and more!