From stock cars to 1100+ whp daily driver cars, We've done it all. When it comes to late model Mopar ECUs, nobody has more experience than us. We were the first to custom tune late model Hemi motors, and continue to set the standard of best in the business. We have made more horsepower and tuned more Hemis than any other late model Hemi tuners, while maintaining superior driveability, period.

Contact for further information or for appointment and pricing, as pricing is done on a case by case basis.

The Following tuning solutions are tunable by us, and more. If your application is not listed, contact us!

Tuning Services:

- Diablosport CMR
- HP Tuners
- Syked ECU Tuning
- Holley EFI Systems
- AEM EMS V1, 2, & Infiniti
- Mopar Programmable EMS
- Megasquirt
- SCT Flash
- and more!

What is a Custom Tune and why do I want it?

The late model Hemi ECU is a complex piece of equipment. While it is very good at "learning" a new environment, this "learning" does not happen at high load situations. So while your car may start, run, and drive like normal, it doesn't necessarily mean it is operating properly. A smooth running car may be running more dangerous than you think. The Hemi ECU uses a Volumetric Efficiency based fueling calculation system, which while very accurate, does not adapt well to changes. The nature of this system relies on a pre-defined efficiency map that fueling is calculated off of. When you change your intake, exhaust, or anything that alters airflow through the system, you are altering your volumetric efficiency, therefore producing an innacuracy in the fueling of your motor, that your ECU is un-aware of. This can lead to less than ideal lean conditions that can lead to not only large ammounts of knock retard, slowing down your car, but power loss in general due to incorrect fuel ratio, and dangerous lean conditions that could possibly cause premature motor failure. Heads and cam cars require even more radical changes and often will not even properly run without a custom tune. Custom tuning typically will yield 15 to 50+ horsepower gain at the wheels depending on the vehicle's setup.

Pricing for Mopar single tune at our main dyno location in Fredericksburg, Virginia:

Pricing includes dyno time. Does not include any VIN license fees associated with tuning software, or additional hardware required for ECU flashing (i.e. Handhelds)

Viper, 5.7/6.1/6.4, 6.2L (Hellcat, Demon, Redeye) Hemi, SRT-4:

All PCM / TCM tuning available including all 8 speed transmissions

Contact for pricing

If you wish to have your car tuned at another location then inquire for alternate location travel pricing.

E-tuning and Remote Dyno tuning is also available. Contact for pricing on remote dyno tuning. E-mail tuning can be purchased through the "products" page.

Dyno tuning pricing includes street tuning as needed and up to 4 hrs on the dyno. Additonal charges may apply beyond 4 hrs.

*extreme head/cam packages requiring higher than average driveability tuning may require extra fees